Who We Help









Who helps those in need?

The supporters of LCN are both Thai and foreign residents of Chiang Mai. They all receive training to help them undertake whatever supportive activity they choose.

This can be simple, such as undertaking to visit people in hospital or at home or more complex if they are to help people organise their financial affairs or cope with  a serious accident or illness.

We also have supporters able to advise people on health matters. This can be advice on how to stay healthy or suggesting the best way to cope the problems of aging. We can help people understand their medical condition and treatment options.

We also train Thai people how to care for elderly and infirm relatives.

Can you help?
If you would like to help Lanna Care Net then contact us by telephone or e-mail, the numbers are on our homepage.

Who does LCN help?
We have found that assistance can be needed either for the long or short term. Perhaps someone has had an accident and needs immediate medical care and attention and perhaps some help afterwards during their rehabilitation.

Perhaps someone is suffering from a long-term degenerative illness. They will need to change their lifestyle and prepare for the future. We can help them do so.

Perhaps someone suffers from mental disability, caused by trauma, substance abuse or some other cause. Such people need help in turning their life around and again we aim to help.

On occasions people suffer from a terminal illness and we help them ensure that the remainder of their time is spent safely and securely, with as much enjoyment as possible and that they leave this life knowing their affairs are left in good order.







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