What We Do










What Do We Do?

We identify those in need, or at risk, either directly or through third parties.

We assist people by counselling, giving advice, offering practical help and contacting other individuals and organisations which can help.

We advise and educate people so they may avoid problems associated with ageing.

We help people in need of continuing care to return to their home country.

We will provide emergency assistance when necessary.

We assist people both in the short and the long term, according to need.

We train and educate our members so they become more effective.

What don’t we do?

We cannot provide financial assistance but will help people obtain financial assistance where they are eligible.

We cannot provide medical or nursing care but can advise clients where suitable support may be found.

Need for Lanna Care Net

Chiang Mai and the North of Thailand attract many people who come here to retire. There are now several thousand foreign retirees in the Chiang Mai region.

For most of the time these people are able to enjoy their retirement to the full but the time often comes when they become infirm or suffer from a financial or health crisis.

Quite often retirees lose a spouse and they may suffer from dementia or other difficulties which reduce their quality of life.

These people have often spent 20 years or more living in Chiang Mai and do not wish to return to their country of origin as they have few friends and family there. The people that they know and love are here in Chiang Mai and here is where they wish to stay.

The Thai government is unable to help foreigners and quite often, these people are denied help from their own original country.

Elderly people can find health insurance too expensive and can therefore find themselves in great difficulty and in need of assistance.

Lanna Care Net exists to help and support such people.




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