Case Studies









Where am I?

Charlie had an accident and woke up in hospital. Accidents and medical emergencies are all too common and in this very stressful state foreigners find few people who can explain what has happened to them. They may need to contact their place of residence or their friends and family either in Thailand or in their home country. In such cases LCN can provide medical practitioners to explain the medical situation to the patient, in their own language, provide regular hospital visits to patients who would find them useful and undertake any other activity that will help these patients recover quickly and with the minimum of stress.

I Forget

Luanne and her husband had lived in Chiang Mai for 25 years. They had completely lost touch with friends and relations in the USA but had had a good social life in a part of the world that they loved dearly. Sadly Luanne’s husband died and her friends realized that she was suffering from the early stages of dementia. Her management of her finances became erratic. Her ability to do simple things such as shop and look after herself was beyond her daily decreasing capabilities. Her friends turned to Lanna Care Net which, with Luanne’s agreement, provided experts to help sort out her finances and organized some inexpensive assistance to help her in her everyday life. She continues to live in Chiang Mai, has regular visits from friends and has as full a social life as possible. A space has been found in local sheltered accommodation for when she becomes incapable of living in the wider community.



At the end of the day

Sadly LCN comes across many people who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness. People can react to this news in different ways. Some are positive and determined to make the best of the situation, others become angry and yet others just seem to give up. When LCN discovers such a case we first ensure that the patient is looked after so that they may exit this world in as much comfort and with as much dignity as possible. We can also provide advisers to help sort out their finances and other affairs so they do not leave behind problems for other people and we can organise visits according to the needs and wishes of the patient. Although anyone may recommend either themselves or someone else for assistance by Lanna Care Net any support we give has to be with the permission of the client and all activity must be undertaken on confidential basis.



Jake drank far too much. Sadly there are many foreigners who come to live in Thailand who either have, or acquire, an alcohol problem. Such people often have a series of accidents and frequently are unable to organise their financial responsibilities. Quite often such people are brought to the attention of LCN by the police or medical institutions if they start to cause problems. On several occasions we have helped such people become sober, help them organise their financial affairs so they are more secure and less likely to be taken advantage of and helped them become fit and healthy again. Sometimes they return to their country of origin, sometimes they change their lifestyle and live full and fruitful lives in Chiang Mai and sadly, sometimes they revert back to their old habits but at least they are normally more financially secure than before.

Getting Home

Jean had had a couple of heart attacks and wanted to return home to Europe where he was still eligible for free medical treatment, in order to have some major surgery. He attempted to buy a ticket but could not find an airline willing to take him. Through our contacts we were able to arrange for a flight and a nurse who accompanied him to the hospital in Europe. Left to his own devices he might never have been able to make the trip. It is important to remember that airlines are reluctant to fly sick people and leaving it too late may mean you cannot leave Thailand by air.

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